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Chinese Restaurant and Take Away

75 High Street, Hampton Hill

Visit our Restaurant
or Order a Take-Away
with delivery to your
Monday 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Wednesday - Sunday 5:00pm to 10:30pm
Free street parking immediately outside of restaurant during all opening hours
020 8941 1233
020 8941 8987
Delivery £2.50 within 2 miles of restaurant from 6pm

About Tin Tin

The TinTin restaurant has been open since 1998 offering a variety of Chinese food, and a large selection of vegetarian options.

The restaurant is located next to Bushey Park (leading to Hampton Court) on the High Street.

Tin Tin is a family run restaurant, and welcomes your family.


We cater for many events for birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations.

We hire solely or partly depending on your requirements and the number of guests.

We have a capacity of around 50 guests.

Chinese New Year

Each year we hold a Chinese New Year Event where the entire restaurant is decorated with traditional customs.

Inside the Restaurant

The restaurant is mainly open plan but has distinctive sections. The front area by the large windows, a raised middle area and more private back area - often used for birthday, anniversary, engagement parties etc. We will decorate a section for guests according to their wishes for a booking.

We also offer a separate section just for Vegetarian Lovers.

Contact Us

Telephone: 020 8941 1233 or 020 8941 8987

Tin Tin - Chinese Restaurant and Take Away - 75 High Street - Hampton Hill - London

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